Eventyrlige Eventyr (2008)

Eventyrlige Eventyr (Adventurous Adventure)

Adventourous Adventure is Sara and Helle´s first collaboration. They wanted to create a performance that told a clear story through movement and projection. In collaboration with Sement&Betong they developed a universe where film, animation and dance could co-exists alongside each other.

“This is the story about a magical forest, a fantastical forest, the most spectacular adventurous forest ever imagined! A fairytale forest that marvels and sparkles! But one day the shady shadow Skuggan steals the heart of the forest: the Gold Shoes. Without the Gold Shoes the forest dies! Who can help? The superheroines Snik and Snok, self-proclaimed super guardians of the forest, rise to the task. Together they head out on this dangerous and challenging mission to rescue the fairytale forest from it’s certain death. Will they manage to reclaim the Gold Shoes from the cynical hands of the shady shadow Skuggan? Will the forest again reveal itself as the beautiful, adventurous fairytale forest it once was?”

The dance performance Adventurous Adventure invites you into a magical and colourful universe of dance, theatrical characters and video animation that is both fascinating and exciting. Embedded in the performance’s theme of the struggle between good and evil we find cross references to our contemporary society combined with the tradition of fairytale storytelling.

“FANTASTICALLY fascinating for both youngsters and grown ups.

The students were completely engaged and quiet for the whole performance. This was really an adventurous adventure. Great dancers and magical effects with sound, light, image – the whole package. We are blown away. Thank you so much!”

Inger Lise (music teacher) Evje School, Aust -Agder, Norway (spring 2009)