Snik and Snok on the Moon (2011)

Snik and Snok on the Moon is a performance for a younger audience aged 8-13 years.

The global superheroes Snik and Snok are loved by the people. They are enjoying an easy life and living their success of earlier superhero achievements. Suddenly one day, the idyll is interrupted; a tsunami of garbage threatens the world. At the same time Skuggan, the worlds scapegoat, is driving the moon towards the earth. Skuggan gets the blame. Snik and Snok take the challenge, and set out on a mission to save the earth. But is Skuggan to blame for the pollution? Will Snik and Snok manage to save the planet from drowning in garbage? And do the people really want to be saved?

The theme of the performance is how materialism and status rush may hamper a collective environmental consciousness.

Snik and Snok on the Moon is created through animation, dance and music. A multimedia performance from another planet!

“Visually very impressive (…) entertaining science fiction adventure.” -Mariken Lauvstad, Barnebokkritikk

“Look forward to this one, people, Snik and Snok on the Moon is a fabulous performance for families and kids.” -Per Ivar Henriksbø, Gudbransdølen Dagningen