Liberty, equality, fraternity or death (2012)

The original slogan of the French Revolution “Liberty, equality, fraternity or death” stands as the framework for the project. It is charged between two extremes, life and death. One can interpret this as either you are with us or you are against us, as an expanded understanding of “us and the other”. In the book “Orientalism” (1978) by Edward Said, he discusses the Occident, the West, us, and the Orient, the East, the other. He promotes his argument that the subject, the West creates the object, the East. We want to examine how “the other” possibly is a reflection of ourselves, a projected reality that is merely about “us” as a subject than the “other” as an object.

The performance consists of 4 performers ranging from the age of 30-62 years. Is it possible to orchestrate the values of the French Revolution as ”a we” as ”us”? Who are then the others? Are we a representable group to frame these values? Put in the context of the theatre; are the audience ”the others”? Is it possible to understand a resonance of the revolutionary slogan in a theatrical context?

”An intellectually challenging experience (…) Take the powerful words of the slogan into a contemporary dance performance, devised during the time of the Arab spring and when our own society came under attack (…) it is about principles of democracy, power fights, group pressure, exclusion, the divide between us and the others, age racism and the animalistic within man.” -Heidi Oliv Wollamo, Adresseavisa